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Impact Energy Solutions (IES) is a company that arranges bespoke, structured financing solutions and investments into renewable energy projects. Our mission is to provide investment opportunities for PAYE taxpayers and Corporate SA through our solar projects and Section 12B of the Income Tax Act.

We partner with strategically selected service providers that offer a wide range of renewable energy products and services. Our team of experienced professionals work closely with them, ensuring the successful implementation and electricity offtake of all our solar projects.

By Impact Energy Solutions owning these renewable energy projects directly, we and our specialist solar partners, increase the sustainability as well as the profitability throughout the lifetime of the investment. 

We oversee all phases of each project. This starts from conceptualisation, Carbon Credit registering, detailed construction through to project finalisation. It extends to securitisation, insurance and customer off-take agreements. Through this comprehensive approach, we are able to forecast returns of between 18 to 22% annually.

At Impact Energy Solutions, we are committed to environmental sustainability and social responsibility. We believe that by promoting the use of clean energy, we can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions (CO2e) and combat climate change. We also prioritise ethical business practices, including fair labour standards and responsible sourcing of materials.

We provide reliable, affordable, and sustainable energy solutions to our customers. With our expertise and commitment to sustainability, we believe we can help create a brighter future for our planet and for generations to come.

IES Podcasts with Chris Hart and John Fraser

Episode 1

Use your taxes to sponsor your solar installation

This Demystifying Energy Solutions podcast looks at investing in solar, using a tried and tested formula from Impact Energy Solutions.  How easy is it to tap into tax incentives?  And what about the bonus benefit of carbon credits?  It could save your business from financial collapse. 

Episode 5

How Impact Energy Solutions' solar projects do work

This latest Demystifying Energy Solutions podcast discusses some solar projects already being funded and implemented by Impact Energy Solutions.  

Impact Group Executive Chairman Chris Hart gives the example of solar farms, and an agricultural project, and explains the benefits of these investments to investors.  He outlines the attractiveness of these investments. 

Episode 2

You may think you can't afford solar, but maybe you can?

This Demystifying Energy Solutions podcast clearly lays out the opportunities to invest in solar. 

Impact Group’s Executive Chairman Chris Hart explains how Impact Energy Solutions helps you to channel your taxes into a solar package.  He explains how solar is now the hottest investment sector in South Africa.

Episode 6

How de Ruyter's bombshell new book makes the case for solar

Our latest Demystifying Energy Solutions podcast centres on an explosive new book, ’Truth to Power’, by former Eskom CEO André de Ruyter. 

Impact Group Executive Chairman Chris Hart explains how the tentacles of political corruption have infected SA’s energy parastatal.

His conclusion is that the mess will not be resolved soon, and installing solar is the right way ahead, with an impressive financing option now on offer from Impact Energy Solutions.   

Episode 3

Demystifying carbon credits and carbon taxes

This latest Demystifying Energy Solutions podcast challenges Impact Group Executive Chairman Chris Hart to explain carbon credits, and the role they can play in financing a solar energy solution to save a business from Eskom’s unreliable and costly electricity. 

Episode 7

How do we speed up the move to green energy

The target for net zero by 2050 may seem a long way away, but energy projects can have long lead times and there is no room for hesitation. 

In this Demystifying Energy Solutions podcast, the Executive Chairman of the Impact Group, Chris Hart, warns of the need for speedy action, but explains there are already excellent financing solutions for profitable investing in the green revolution.

Episode 4

Install solar without crippling your business, with IES

For this latest Demystifying Energy Solutions podcast, Impact Group Executive Chairman Chris Hart discusses the bleak outlook for electricity supply in South Africa.  He outlines the way in which Impact Energy Solutions can help a firm to finance a reliable energy package without crippling your business.  Both tax incentives and carbon financing can help to ease the pain. 

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